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KOP,Memory Stick,WeighSync - Discontinued Product

Simple Connection to Devices.

Connection to a Variety of Terminals

Offers flexibility to define custom data structures, which can be parsed and mapped to user-defined fields and tables in the MS SQL Server Express database.

Common Weighing Applications Included

Includes checkweighing, counting, animal weighing, and weight accumulation applications. Pre-defined print templates provide a transaction record.

Scalable for Future Growth

Can use a serial connection to communicate with older generation terminals, but is also ready to take advantage of newer, ethernet-enabled products.

Discontinued since: Jul, 2019

Replaced with: Software Collect+ System

Data Collection and Visualization for Informed Business Decisions

Data Collection Software.

Production Data Collected in One Place

Collect live production data from any device in your production environment and store it centrally for easy access.

Integrated Dashboard Visualizations

Display graphical representations of the collected data and additional production attributes with the integrated dashboard tool.

View Your Data Anywhere

Distribute the information to individuals and systems anywhere via web based dashboard displays and remote Excel data access.

Accessories - KOP,Memory Stick,WeighSync

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Specifications- KOP,Memory Stick,WeighSync

Specifications - KOP,Memory Stick,WeighSync
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