Intelligent Sensor Management for the Power Industry - METTLER TOLEDO

ISM for the Power Industry

Intelligent Sensor Management is METTLER TOLEDO’s digital technology platform for process analytical measurement systems. Through easy handling, enhanced performance, and real-time diagnostics ISM gives you complete control of your analytical measurement systems to help you maximize efficiency.

Greater process reliability

Enhanced performance

ISM sensors provide precise measurements and output a robust digital signal immune to interference.

  • Greater accuracy thanks to built-in measuring circuit
  • Higher signal integrity due to digital communication between sensor and transmitter

Simple installation

Simple calibration and installation

Pre-calibrated ISM sensors provide fast, error-free measurement start up.

  • Calibration in a convenient location such as a lab
  • Plug and Measure simplicity

Reduced maintenance

Low cost of ownership

ISM enables optimized maintenance scheduling and drives down operating costs.

  • Longer sensor utilization through predictive diagnostics
  • Easy commissioning with self-configuring transmitters