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Success Story: Power Station Upgrades to Intelligent Solution

Saving Costs and Reducing Inventory

Success Story: Power Station Upgrades to Intelligent Solution
Success Story: Power Station Upgrades to Intelligent Solution

When a US power station needed to replace its water monitoring instruments, they looked to METTLER TOLEDO Thornton solutions. Installing Thornton multi-parameter transmitters and sensors with Intelligent Sensor Management technology has reduced costs and inventory.

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Digital technology

Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) is a new digital technology for METTLER TOLEDO Thornton sensors and transmitters. Through a range of advanced features, ISM expands sensor performance while simplifying installation, operation and maintenance.

Cooperative power producer

East Kentucky (U.S.) Power Cooperative (EKPC) is a not-for-profit, member-owned electric cooperative providing wholesale electricity to its 16 member-owner distribution cooperatives. It was formed in 1941 and currently serves about 519,000 homes, farms and businesses in 87 counties.

ISM sensors and M800 transmitters replaced older instruments

Cooper Station in Burnside, Kentucky has two coal-fired units producing a total of approximately 340 MW. Each boiler employs a water sample panel measuring pH, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity of condensate, feedwater and boiler water (blowdown).

When lab supervisor Tom Schoolcraft needed to replace water monitoring instruments from another manufacturer, he researched METTLER TOLEDO Thornton instruments. On the strength of a positive recommendation from associates at another power plant along with an on-site demonstration by Thornton sales personnel, he decided to replace thirteen of the old single-input transmitters with just five Thornton M800 four-channel multi-parameter transmitters.

ISM sensors offer Plug and Measure convenience

“By using two to four sensors per transmitter, we’re measuring multiple parameters with just one transmitter per water category,” commented Mr. Schoolcraft. “The M800 transmitter has a convenient touch-screen color display that’s simple to use and displays any or all parameters. If we need to replace or clean a sensor, it’s easy to pull it out of the panel, service and replace it – the transmitter automatically recognizes and configures the sensor im­mediately after it’s reconnected.” The M800 multi-parameter transmitter ac­cepts up to four ISM analytical sensors plus two flow inputs.

Accurate measurement across a wide conductiv­ity range

With its advanced integrated measuring circuit, Thornton’s UniCond® sensor mea­sures across a wide conductivity range, from brackish water (up to 50,000 μS / cm) to ultrapure water. This avoids the added cost and inventory of stocking multiple sensors with different measurement ranges in makeup water treatment sys­tems. According to Mr. Schoolcraft, “The pH and dissolved oxygen ISM sensors plug into the same multi-parameter transmit­ter, and we can get oxygen readings to the ppb range – they really do the job.”

Upgraded sensor technology yields improved results

ISM capability in sensors and transmitters is a new technology for this power plant’s water panel, and Cooper Station has experienced positive results. “METTLER TOLEDO made it easy to upgrade our old instruments,” reported Mr. Schoolcraft, “and with the sales support provided to familiarize us with the new transmitter operation, we’re pleased with the results, and will consider Thornton for our second boiler water panel upgrade.”

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