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W100 Cableless Solution for ISM Sensors

The W100 is the cableless solution for ISM® (Intelligent Sensor Management) sensors for the measurement of pH, conductivity and with amperometric oxygen sensors. With the W100 measured values can be transmitted between ISM sensors and the transmitters M300 ISM or M400 with no need for costly cable installation. All ISM specific real-time diagnostics information is wirelessly transmitted to the field device, and available to the user for efficient maintenance operation.
In many applications where the transmitter is not necessarily installed near the sensor, this solution offers lower cost of ownership combined with best sensor performance.

W100 Cableless Solution for ISM Sensors
Specifications - W100 Cableless Solution for ISM Sensors
Trade Name W100,Cableless Solution,ISM,cableless
Features and Benefits
  • Easy pairing of sensor and transmitter module
  • Connection of sensor by “Plug and Measure”
  • Automatic recognition of sensor module
  • Protocol according to IEE 802.15.4
  • The LEDs on the receiver and transmitter module indicate the status of the W100 at a glance
  • Full ISM functionality
  • One key operation
  • LED display for status information


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W100 Cableless Solution for ISM Sensors
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