Conductivity Meters and Sensors for Laboratory and Process Applications - METTLER TOLEDO
Conductivity Meters and Sensors for Laboratory and Process Applications

Conductivity sensors for laboratory and at-line measurements

  • Broad conductivity sensor portfolio
  • Micro conductivity sensors for sample volumes of <50 ul
  • InLab sensors are able to cover wide conductivity ranges
Conductivity Meter
Conductivity Meter

Conductivity meters for laboratory and at-line applications

  • High-accuracy measurement
  • Simple and intuitive menu operation
  • Direct or method-based measurement possible
  • Portable and benchtop meters available


Conductivity and resistivity sensors for process and pure water applications

  • Wide range of applications
  • Highest accuracy
  • Compliance assurance through certification package

Conductivity transmitters for monitoring process and water analysis parameters

  • Simple operation through intuitive user interface
  • Multi-channel units lower cost per measurement point
  • Predictive diagnostics for easier maintenance management
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