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PureSpeed Tips radically simplify the purification of proteins and other biomolecules.

Why PureSpeed?

PureSpeed tips offer a convenient, low-cost, semiautomated method of purifying micro-scale volumes of target protein.

  • Excellent Purity compared to existing technologies
  • High Concentration – no additional concentration steps needed
  • High Throughput – process up to 12 samples in parallel
PureSpeed Capture
PureSpeed Capture


PureSpeed’s unique process maximizes protein recovery by repeatedly drawing samples over a low-dead-volume packed resin bed in the tip's end.

PureSpeed Purify
PureSpeed Purify


Repetitive multiple wash steps remove unbound, nonspecific proteins and contaminants for ultra-pure protein fractions.

PureSpeed Enrich
PureSpeed Enrich


In the final step, a small volume of low pH elution buffer releases the protein from the resin, producing highly pure, concentrated protein.

PureSpeed Literature

Read and download PureSpeed marketing literature as well as Application Notes and White Papers.

Brochures and Data Sheets

White Papers

Application Notes

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