Higher Performance. Less Effort | METTLER TOLEDO
higher performing electronic multichannel pipettes


A model of simplicity, the E4’s menu structure, joystick control and large color screen make switching between modes and setting functions quick and easy.

Discover and master advanced pipetting techniques in minutes.


The LTS cylindrical tip design assures fast tip mounting, consistent sample loading and leak-free seals across all channels. And with no nozzle o-rings, LTS® eliminates a common cause of sample contamination and volume inconsistency.


Multi-dispense takes the drudgery out of repetitive pipetting by calculating how many aliquots can be dispensed from a single pickup.

Autopace simplifies repeat dispensing – click the joystick once and repeat dispense across a plate.


The ergonomic design of our lightweight multichannel E4 XLS+ delivers extraordinary comfort and performance, even after hours of pipetting.

The feel is balanced and substantial with a fit and finish that is truly world class.