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Pipet-Lite XLS with RFID… the Performance Champion

Pipet-Lite XLS

Rainin’s Pipet-Lite XLS family of pipettes brings precision, ergonomics and asset management to an entirely new level.

With their sure-fit handles, lighter springs and  and “stictionless“ sealing technology, these high-performance instruments are designed for ultimate comfort and ergonomic safety.

Renowned performance
Pipet-Lite XLS has a long pedigree of excellence. Engineered for the most exacting research, Pipet-Lite XLS accuracy and precision are second to none. Performance specifications are guaranteed when used with Rainin BioClean tips.

Total hand comfort
Lighter springs, low-drag seals and “stictionless“ sealing technology has enabled us to create a plunger that is smooth and precise, yet requires less force than ever.
Pipet-Lite XLS

Less thumb stress
The optional LTS (LiteTouch System) dramatically reduces the repetitive stress of tip ejection. With LTS, the cylindrical shaft and positive-stop in the base of the tip create a firm, snug seal that requires minimal force to mount or eject.


Full range of models
Pipet-Lite XLS is available in three formats: single-channel (LTS and universal-fit), 8 and 12-channel multichannels, and 6 or 8-channel Adjustable-spacers. Volume ranges are from 0.5 µl to 20 ml in single-channel models. Multichannels with volume ranges from 1 to 1200 µl, and Adjustable spacers with precisely settable nozzle spacing are available in volume ranges from 5 to 1200 µl. 


RFID Calibration Management
Pipet-Lite XLS is also the world’s first pipette family to be equipped with RFID tags for advanced calibration and asset management.

RFIDPipet-Lite XLS Software

An optional RFID Reader and software are available for advanced calibration tracking. When used with the RFID kit, everything you want to know about a pipette is instantly available.
• When was this pipette calibrated?
• Is it due for service?
• Who does it belong to?
• What application is it being used for?

Improve your lab’s workflow and compliance procedures. Rainin’s RFID reader and LabX™ Direct Pipette-Scan™ software will enhance how you manage these important assets.

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