Opti PipeChek X-ray and Vacuum Pump Inspection System - METTLER TOLEDO


The Opti PipeChek X-ray and Vacuum Pump Inspection System

Specifically designed to meet the inspection needs of boneless meat and poultry processors
  • Vacuum pump eliminates air pockets, which allows the x-ray to generate a clearer image of metal or bone contaminant presence - optimizing detection performance and reducing costly false rejects
  • If foreign matter is detected, rejection of contaminant is based on location determined by the flow rate of the system, in turn reducing the waste of good product. For ultimate protection, if product flow is stoped while contaminated area is rejected, when restarted, the system will pick up where it left off and complete the reject cycle
  • Capable of inspecting product at production speeds of up to 28,000 lbs per hour - three times the throughput of a typical conveyor x-ray system
  • Flexibility of choosing to have one or two x-ray units in a series being fed by one pump, adding an additional level of detection for proof of due diligence
  • Hygeinically designed for quick and easy disassembly and reassembly using minimal tools, allowing for more efficient cleaning

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