Fast Delivery of Product Inspection Equipment

Fast Delivery of Product Inspection Equipment

We can quickly deliver metal detectors, x-ray inspection systems, and checkweighers as rental units or for purchase with our Quick Ship Program!

Food manufacturers can now be ready to meet the requirements of the leading GFSI food safety standards quicker than ever before. Faster delivery and easy integration of these systems enable manufacturers to meet the compliance requirements of food safety regulations and ship product quickly and efficiently to retailer shelves.


Metal Detection

We offer the Signature, PowerPhasePRO, and Profile Advantage as stand-alone units or fully integrated with a conveyor.

X-ray Inspection

The popular X33 and X34 x-ray systems, designed for inspection of small and medium-sized packaged products, are available in all standard configurations.


The C31 checkweigher is a dynamic checkweigher suitable for standard applications in food and industrial environments.

Metal Detection - Quick Ship Specifications

Standard Conveyor Features - Metal Detection
Start / Stop / E-StopVFD with Potentiometer
Cat 1 - Safety CircuitProduct guide rails
Reject beacon & alarm with push buttonStainless steel locking reject bin & reject confirmation
IPAC documentationPVR
Conveyor Specifications - Metal Detection
 Aperture Size: 350mm W X 175mm HAperture Size: 500mm W X 200mm H
Width12" (304.8mm) Intralox belt18" (457.2mm) Intralox belt
Overall Length1500mm (59")1800mm (70.8")
Speed Range12-36 meters/minute
Voltage input100V / 60Hz / 1 Phase
Rejecter Type
  • Stop alarm
  • Medium duty punch with reject bin
    and reject confirmation
  • Stop alarm
  • Heavy duty air blast with reject bin
    and reject confirmation
  • Medium duty punch with reject bin
    and reject confirmation
Conveyor Height
  • 750mm (29.5") +/- 75mm (2.9")
  • 900mm (35.4") +/- 75mm (2.9")
Direction of FlowLeft to right / Right to left

X-ray Inspection - Quick Ship Specifications

X33 & X34 (300mm & 400mm)
Center Section ConfigurationX33 - 20W aluminum tube generator, 0.8mm HiGain detector
X34 - 100W aluminum tube generator, 0.4mm HiGain detector
Line Heights850mm, 950mm, 1050mm, 1150mm (+/-75mm)
System Length1800mm
Reject Types
  • Light duty air blast with tunnel
  • Heavy duty air blast with air reservoir
  • Overhead sweep
Reject Capture DeviceReject tray or bin, stainless steel, lockable
Speed RangeUp to 60mpm
Utilities110VAC, 80psi
Direction of TravelLeft to right / Right to left
Belt TypeFood grade low friction top 2 ply
Floor MountingStandard leveling pads
Environmental Protection RatingIP65
Included Options
  • Guide rails, infeed, stainless steel
  • Reject verification and bin full sensor, includes blue beacon for bin full
  • Audible alarm - to sound upon reject
  • White reject beacon - to sound upon reject
  • Electronic bin lock
  • Language neutral safety labels

Checkweighing - Quick Ship Specifications

Standard Configurations - C31 Checkweigher - Dry or Washdown
Conveyor lengths in mm
SG = Strain gauge weigh cell
150mm wide
  • 250/250/400 SG
  • 300/300/400 SG
  • 400/250/400 SG
  • 400/300/500 SG
250mm wide
  • 300/300/400 SG
  • 300/300/600 SG
  • 400/400/400 SG
  • 500/400/600 SG
400mm wide
  • 500/500/500 SG
Height850mm - 1000mm
Power110VAC / 220VAC
Draft Shield100mm / 150mm / 225mm tall opening
Reject Device
  • Air blast - 150mm / 250mm wide conveyors only
  • Push off - max package height 225mm
  • Reject with or without pressure monitoring
Control Options
  • Feedback
  • Consecutive Reject
  • Countercheck
  • Backup Detection
  • Weight Data TCP/IP
  • Ethernet IP
  • OPC UA
  • Prod X
  • Statistics
  • Print Stick
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