Improve Your Possibilities with LabX™ Software - METTLER TOLEDO

Improve Your Possibilities
with LabX™ Software

Improve Your Possibilities
with LabX™ Software

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Full instrument and data control

LabX software brings power to your laboratory bench with automatic data handling, high process security and full SOP user guidance.

LabX supports your applications and manages data in a straightforward, fast and secure manner.

LabX Software enables you to perform daily tasks directly on the instrument.

One software, one solution

LabX can connect multiple of your METTLER TOLEDO lab instruments.
• One user interface
• Reduced validation costs
• Learn once and use for all

Density Meter, Refractometer, UV/VIS, Titrator, pH Meter, Balance, Thermal Value Instrument, Quantos

Get More Out of Your Lab Instrument
with LabX solutions

Process security
With LabX your instruments become to be fully compliant supporting 21 CRF 11, EU GMP, ISO 17025. Data integrity and full traceability are fully supported.
Workflow Flexibility
Current workflows and SOP's can be easily integrated and executed on multiple instruments.
Operational Clarity
Generate automatic reports, anlyze and release your results and decide from where to work on the instrument or the PC.
Seamless Integration
Save time and transcription errors by connecting multiple instruments and integrate over one single interface to LIMS, SAP, ELN and others.

Your Instrument
is Ready for LabX

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LabX brings power to your lab instruments. Get in touch with us to learn how it works with your instruments and apllications.
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