Lean Method for Reliable In-Process Quality Control - METTLER TOLEDO

Lean Method for Reliable In-Process Quality Control

Advantages of weight-based in-process or end-of-line quality control:

  1. Reliable detection of deviations of as few as one part in a million in a split second.
  2. Fast pass/fail testing of parts, modules, kits for completeness or geometry.
  3. Non-destructive testing material adding or abrasions processes.
  4. Independent from surface texture, lighting and positioning of the part to be tested.
  5. Easy testing of quality control device according to TS16949 and ISO 9001.
  6. Easy implementation without need for special software and engineering.


Verifying of geometry, density and availability of unwanted cavities of tool shaped parts:

  • Iinjection molding,
  • Die casting,
  • Powder metal,
  • Sand castings,
  • Stampings

Verifying of completeness of fully assembled multi-functional modules:

  • Gears,
  • Motors,
  • Batteries,
  • Household machines and
  • All kinds of electro mechanical devices

Verifying of completeness including quantity of lubrication of fully assembled modules:

  • Ball bearings,
  • Gears,
  • Linear bushings and
  • Linear shafts

Past / fail testing of completeness of a variety of components inside of packages with different sizes and different materials:

  • Mounting kits,
  • Repair kits,
  • Tool sets,
  • Toys kits

Verifying of geometry of machined production:

  • Milled parts,
  • Turned parts,
  • Grinded parts,
  • Drilled parts

Non-destructive testing of surface eatments:

  • Coatings,
  • Etchings,
  • Electroplating,
  • Painting
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