RFID Reader

RFID Reader and LabX™ Software

Pipette management simplified


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is revolutionizing how laboratories track equipment, and Pipet-Lite™ XLS™ is the world’s first pipette equipped with a RFID tag. With nothing more than an RFID reader and our LabX Direct Pipette-Scan software, you can transform how you manage these important assets:

• Scan a pipette’s calibration and service data by setting it on the RFID reader.
• Create custom profiles for each pipette and transfer that data directly to the pipette’s RFID tag.
• Integrate your LabX data with third-party asset- and calibration-management applications (LabX data exports easily as Microsoft Excel®, Word™ or text files).

RFID-SoftwareScan your pipette
LabX uses the RFID reader to access the pipette’s data. Once scanned, LabX displays the pipette’s complete profile, including its serial number, manufacture and calibration due date, and any unique attributes assigned.
RFID-SoftwareCreate custom profiles
Assign unique attributes (like user, lab, inventory number, etc.) using LabX’s 12 customizable data fields. Fast access to each pipette’s calibration and service data reduces the possibility of performance and/or compliance-related rework.
 RFID-SoftwareExport your data
LabX data easily exports to Microsoft Word and Excel, or as text for easy integration with other asset management applications.
 RFID-PipetLabX pipetting innovation
In addition to delivering consistent, accurate results, RFID tags on the Pipet- Lite XLS help you manage calibration data and workflows to optimize your efficiency.