METTLER TOLEDO Washdown Scales

Platform Scales for Washdown Areas

Easy to clean, high performance weighing solution for light and heavy washdown environments with capacities available from 6 kg/15 lb to 150 kg/300 lb.

Durable, Flexible, and Always Reliable
Constructed of stainless steel, the METTLER TOLEDO washdown platform scales can be hosed down, steam cleaned, used in environments involving caustic chemicals or food processing, or in hazardous area environments. Whether your application involves portion control, net weight filling, or pre-weighing components, these platform scales will provide the fast, accurate results and durability required to meet your weighing needs.

Different sensor technologies - strain gauge technology or electromagnetic force compensation - guarantee pinpoint accuracy of the weighing results. Combined with a wide spectrum of our operating terminals we can offer you verificable system solutions of up to 32 000 e - depending on the customer's request.

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Washdown Scales
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