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Evolved Gas Analysis

A thermobalance coupled to a suitable Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) system allows qualitative information to be obtained for the gaseous reaction, or decomposition products, formed in a TGA experiment, as well as quantitative knowledge on mass changes. METTLER TOLEDO offer their expertise in the form of numerous articles, datasheets, webinars, etc., describing the various measurement techniques used when performing these types of analyses.

The advantages offered by each technique

    Application areas
  • Detection of small molecules(COx, NOx, SOx, H2O, HCl, etc.)
  • Residual solvents in active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Detection of simple and complex compounds
  • Residual solvents in active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Volatile molecules up to about 250 amu
  • Detection of small molecules ("permanents") is possible without MS
  • Detection of light and medium weight compounds by Micro GC/MS



More information on TGA-EGA can be found in our TGA-EGA handbook.


TA Tips and hints

Our new "how to" technical videos and TA tips and hints handbook explain the complexities of METTLER TOLEDO thermal analysis instrumentation and its STARe software.


We offer web-based thermal analysis seminars on many different topics, including one dedicated to TGA-EGA.


Download the EGA datasheet which describes our TGA-MS and TGA-FTIR solutions.

In addition, you can also read our brochure to learn more about TGA-GC/MS.

Product offering

Find more information regarding our TGA-EGA product offering


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