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Density and Refractometers
LiquiPhyics Excellence product line offers far more than reliable instruments to measure density, specific gravity, refractive index and related values such as Brix, HFCS, Alcohol concentrations and API degrees or API gravity. Thanks to valuable options and external measuring cells, the flexible LiquiPhysics systems can be automated, integrated into ERP systems and upgraded to include additional density and refractive index cells, plus measure pH or conductivity and color – all at the same time.
One Click® is the common user interface for our laboratory instruments.
Main benefits:
  • Uniform use
  • Shorter training
  • Less errors
  • Higher efficiency


The modularity of our solution allows to add external measuring cells or instruments.
Some examples:
  • Total Acidity + Acid corrected Brix + pH value (fruit juices)
  • Density, Refractive Index, pH and Color (flavors & fragrances)
Good Density and Refractometry Practice is a 5-step program to improve your Lab process. It covers the entire lifecycle of your investment and helps to improve quality while reducing risks and costs.

Have all data stored centrally and securely. Avoid mistakes by easy data search, customize your own reports and results view. Easily work with large product databases and seamlessly integrate into LIMS or ERP systems.

www.density.comDA -100MDM40/DX40
Measurement range [g/cm3]
0 ... 30.0000 ... 3.0000
0.00000 ... 3.00000
0.00000 ... 3.00000
Limit of error [g/cm3]
0.00001 (1)
0.00001 (2)
0.00003 (3)
0.00004 (4)
Limit of error Brix [% w/w]
Limit of error Ethanol [% v/v]
Built-in Thermostat
Temperature range [°C]
15 ... 40 °C0.00 ... 91.00 °C
0.00 ... 91.00 °C0.00 ... 91.00 °C
Limit of error [°C]
0.1 °C0.05 °C (5)
0.10 °C
0.02 °C (6)
0.05 °C
0.02 °C (5)
0.05 °C
(1) 0.7 ... 1 g/cm3 @ 15 to 20 °C
(2) 0 ... 1 g/cm3
(3) 1 ... 2 g/cm3
(4) 2 ... 3 g/cm3
(5) 10 ... 30 °C
(6) 15 ... 20 °C
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