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BRIX Refractometers and Density Meters

BRIX measurement is a well known application in the food and beverage industry. Strictly speaking the BRIX measurement is the determination of pure sucrose content in water (1 degree Brix = 1g of sucrose in 100g of solution), but the BRIX measurement is used in many other applications (soft drinks, fruit juices, tomato concentrates, etc..) which are very often far away from pure sucrose/water solutions. This has been leading to some confusions, especially when comparing results obtained with different measuring techniques (hydrometer, pycnometer, refractometer, digital density meter).

BRIX Refractometers and Density Meters
BRIX Refractometers and Density Meters

Different sample types


When measuring samples other than pure sucrose content in water different results will be obtained when using different techniques (hydrometer, pycnometer, refractometer, digital density meter).

Learn more about different types  of sample, sugars (e.g. sucrose, malt sugar, glucose, HFCS), temperature influence, etc. :



Brix by density

Brix by refrac.


20% sucrose solution



Identical because only sucrose




Different because not sucrose




Different because not sucrose

Orange juice



Influence of acid, needs acid correction




Residue from sugar production, only about 50% of molasses is sucrose.

Brix measurement


BRIX measurement can be done by refractive index as well as by density. When measuring pure sucrose content in water, both techniques will give the same result. Density and refractive index are strongly temperature dependent, but as this dependency is controlled in the corresponding instrument. Two types of instruments can be used, portable or benchtop instruments. The benchtop instruments offer built-in temperature control (Peltier) and higher accuracy than portable instruments.


Brix by density



Brix by refractometry



Our digital instruments for BRIX measurement offer following advantages:

  • High accuracy, high reproducibility
  • Build-in Quality Control
  • Can be automated to increase productivity


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