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Testing of Chemicals according to Standards made easy

Customers of chemicals require test certificates to be supplied at the delivery. Results of tests based on Standards are mutually accepted. The application of these standards in daily routine is really made easy by the Titration Excellence titrators. Thus, reproducible results and efficient QC work are the two benefits for the user of METTLER TOLEDO's titrators.

Strigent Quality Requirements 

Successful sales of specialty, fine or intermediate chemicals have to meet ever more stringent quality requirements by the customers. Also legislation is asking for results to confirm specifications. To prove the quality, certificates are submitted to the customer at the point of delivery and to authorities. Standard test methods of ASTM, ISO or other organisations are the mutually accepted base for the determinations and measurements. These standards specify detailed titration procedures for frequent determinations such as Acid Number, Epoxi Value, Iodine Value, NCO Content and many other.

Titrations made easy 

Thanks to the unique method concept, the models of the Titration Excellence line can literally follow such procedures step by step. As an example, the user can set the titrators T50, T70 and T90 to

  • add a solvent to dilute or dissolve the sample
  • dose a reagent and apply a waiting time
  • adjust the titration speed to the course of the assay reaction
  • do a back titration
  • rinse the electrode after the titration
  • run a blank determination

Many more steps can be automated depending on the requirements of the standards and the needs of the operator. Dedicated Application Brochures of METTLER TOLEDO explain a comprehensive selection of titration methods.

Considerable Improvement: One Click Titration™

The start of a titration is quick and easy. One click is sufficient: Touch once the corresponding shortkey on the color touchscreen and the determination starts automatically. The titration is carried out as set previously and the results are documented electronically or on paper without any further operations of the user. This is efficient analysing. All data can be sent to a personal computer, a host, a process monitoring system or an ERP via a USB or LAN connection and the LabX software. Documentation is complete and free of transcription errors. Thus, the correct results arrive at the right time on the certificates and at your customers.

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