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Next Generation Weighing

The New XPR Precision Balance

Our new XPR Precision balances will keep your head spinning for days once you learn about the revolutionary technology that comes with them. Are you fidgeting with excitement yet? Watch our video to learn more.

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Simplicity, Performance, and Durability

Weighing in Every Environment
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Our new XPR and XSR precision balances provide strong, unique solutions and innovations for excellent weighing results in your lab. With the SmartPan and brand-new terminal, you are ready to weigh in any environment. Download our whitepaper to learn how to have excellent weighing results against a variety of factors, and how recent innovations can help you get there.

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XPR and XSR Analytical

The Next Generation of Analytical Balances

METTLER TOLEDO is proud to introduce the next generation of analytical weighing with our new XPR analytical and micro-analytical balances. These new, redesigned balances deliver exceptional accuracy and precision; making them the only choice for weighing applications that require the highest sample care. Trust in the XPR balances and let METTLER TOLEDO define efficient and error-free weighing processes that save time, money, and materials. Watch and learn more.

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