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Our line of floor, pallet, and low-profile scales includes a wide variety of industrial scales with weighing ranges from 600 kg to more than 25,000 kg. The rugged weighing platforms are suitable for daily use in dry and wet areas. Plus, many models are approved for operation in hazardous areas. Different sensor technologies - strain gauge technology or electromagnetic force compensation - guarantee highly accurate weighing. By combining these scales with our wide range of operating terminals, we can offer you effective system solutions of up to 1x6000 e.

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DECKMATE Floor ScalesDECKMATE Floor ScalesCan be used as static scales or equipped with wheels to provide the ultimate in portable weighing.1x5000d / 1x3000 e
EZ-CLEAN Floor ScalesEZ-CLEAN Floor ScalesPneumatic cylinders lift the entire scale, providing access to the pit and underside of the scale for cleaning.1x5000d / 1x3000 e
EZ-LIFT Floor ScalesEZ-LIFT Floor ScalesPressurized struts make it easy for a single person to lift the scale platform manually for cleaning.1x5000d / 1x3000 e
FastFab Custom Floor ScalesFastFab Custom Floor ScalesThe exceptional accuracy and durability of our VERTEX floor scale in custom sizes and capacities.1x5000d / 1x3000 e
LIFTMATE Floor ScalesLIFTMATE Floor ScalesHeavy-capacity scales for weighing steel coils and other heavy freight.1x5000d / 1x3000 e
K-Line floor / pit scalesThe assortment of floor / pit scales of the K-line includes weighing ranges from 600 to 6000 kg.1x6000 e
Kx- T4 line Floor-/ pit scalesThe assortment of floor / pit scales of the Kx-T4 line includes weighing ranges from 600 to 6000 kg. All models can be used in hazardous areas of zone 1.1x6000 e
VERTEX Floor ScalesVERTEX Floor ScalesCombines exceptional accuracy with the durability to stand up to tough industrial environments.1x5000d / 1x3000 e
VLX Floor ScalesVLX Floor ScalesAn economical solution for meeting the demanding requirements of shipping and receiving docks.1x5000d / 1x3000 e
VLC Floor ScalesVLC Floor ScalesPortable, low-profile scales for industrial environments.1x5000d / 1x3000 e

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