METTLER TOLEDO Counting Scales

Efficient materials management is the basis of successful, profitable production. Our balances and scales can easily be incorporated into extensive inventory management systems to increase your productivity and achieve a reliable incoming and outgoing goods control.

METTLER TOLEDO offers you a wide range of counting scales from high resolution analytical balances to rugged floor scales for heaviest loads. Within the large range of bench, stand, pallet and floor scales you are sure to find most suitable balance or scale for your application. Various terminals and software Pacs offer individual solutions to meet your requirements exactly. You can achieve even more accurate parts counting with a two-balance/scale system. With the small, high resolution balance you determine the reference weight with extremely high accuracy, while the large, high capacity scale can accommodate numerous heavy parts.

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Simple counting scales (BBA432, BBK432)
Every item counts: The "count" level. Fast and reliable operation with counting-specific keys. Easily applicable also for two-scales systems.

 Comfortable counting scales (BBA442, BBK442)
More than just counting: The "count+"-level. Easy direct entries and operation of the memory with the numeric keyboard. This scale is perfectly suitable for a comfortable two-scales-system.

The all-rounder counting scale (BBA462, BBK462)
Stay flexible: The "smart+" level. Thanks to its graphic display and freely configurable keys, the scale allows customer-specific configurations. The large data base, the variety of different interfaces and the combination of diverse applications make this scale a real all-rounder.
 Customized Counting Solutions
Do you have special counting applications? We can offer you a multitude of combination possibilities with our terminals, weighing platforms, printers, barcode scanners and other peripheral to customise your application exactly to your products and processes.

Call 877-276-1045 for Sales and Service

Call 877-276-1045 for Sales and Service

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