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METTLER TOLEDO Weighing Terminals and Indicators

METTLER TOLEDO Weighing Terminals and Indicators
METTLER TOLEDO Weighing Terminals and Indicators

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METTLER TOLEDO manufactures and markets a wide range of industrial scale terminals to meet the weighing needs of almost any industry and any application.
They range from simple, easy-to-use terminals for straight weighing applications to advanced instruments that can accumulate data, control systems, operate peripheral equipment, communicate with computers, monitor scales and much more. No matter how simple or complex the application, all METTLER TOLEDO industrial scale terminals offer the highest degree of performance, accuracy and reliability available on the market.
As technological innovations continue to revolutionize all industries and issues such as total cost of ownership, return on investment, and ease of integration become more important, METTLER TOLEDO remains committed to developing scale terminals that meet our customers' changing needs today and tomorrow. Already, METTLER TOLEDO is establishing itself as a leader with the introduction of Internet-enabled scale terminals and other terminals that incorporate the leading technologies and offer open connectivity.
IND1xx – Weighing TerminalsIND22x – Weighing Terminals
These value-price products offer simple and secure connectivity to a DCS, PLC or PC where an operator display and keyboard are not required.Functions for simple weighing, over/under checkweighing, classifying and counting.
Industrial Process TerminalsIND4xx – Weighing Terminals
Compact, economical and easy to install, flexible connectivity options make these terminals easy to integrate into industrial processes.Compact industrial terminals for a variety of applications available in stainless steel or robust die-cast aluminium.
IND560 – Weighing TerminalsIND690 – Weighing Terminals
An unmatched array of use-specific software modules combine with robust precision to make the IND560 an all-round match for virtually any industrial weighing application.Rustproof – corrosion-resistant – dustproof: The IND690 weighing terminal will withstand all industrial environments for years.
IND780 – Weighing TerminalsFreely Programmable Terminals
Scalable and flexible, the IND780 connects to as many as four platforms, provides a metrologically-approved sum scale, and offers the maximum in customization.Whether importing weighing results to ERP or fieldbus systems, or working in hazardous areas, freely programmable terminals make it easy to create customer-specific solutions.
Windows-Based ApplicationsHazardous Area (Ex) Terminals
Windows-based Application Terminals ID30 are the "high-end devices" among the MT industrial terminals. They combine intelligent weighing technology with customer specific software application.A range of terminals, weigh modules and accessories specially designed to meet global standards for safe use in explosive environments.
Integrated Terminals SolutionsVehicle Scale Terminals
Packaged solutions leverage the advantages of scale terminals, integrating a variety of application-specific features such as I/O devices.From simple static weighing applications to sophisticated weigh-in-motion and coupled-in-motion systems, these vehicle scale terminals are ready to meet any transportation challenge.
Weighing Terminal AccessoriesIND9U
Printers, displays and connectivity options to enhance and extend the functionality of your weighing system.The IND9U series provides the power and performance of METTLER TOLEDO scale terminals in a stand-alone, unattended format, ready to work around the clock, day after day.

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