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Test the New DensitoPro Handheld Density Meter
Light, Intuitive, and Rugged

A portable digital hydrometer has many advantages: you save time, you can make adjustments right away, you get highly-accurate results, and you don't have to worry about transporting samples to the lab. Our handheld density meters measure density and specific gravity (SG), as well as %alcohol, °Brix, API, Baumé, Plato, sulfuric acid (w/w%) or user-defined units.

Densito and DensitoPro Benefits
  • The lightest and most ergonomic instrument in the market, allowing one-handed operation and full visibility in the lab or on the go
  • The most intuitive operation with guided workflow and automatic sampling pump
  • The most advanced data management with EasyDirect Software

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Test the Best for Free
Try the New DensitoPro for Two Weeks

METTLER TOLEDO has launched the innovative new Density2Go meters and you can try one out for free!

Try out the DensitoPro for two weeks, and then:

  • Order your brand new METTLER TOLEDO unit and return the trial unit
  • Or return the unit if you do not wish to purchase at this point

Order Your Trial Meter

*One trial unit per facility

Three Ways to Measure Density
Know-How, Hints, and More

This guide helps you decide which method is the best for your products and processes, including the following topics:

  • How to choose your hydrometer, pycnometer, or digital hydrometer
  • How to use your instrument
  • Calibration of your instrument
  • Tips and hints
  • Relevant standards and norms

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