Calibrate your Moisture Analyzer

In 3 Easy Steps!

Moisture Analyzers are working optimally when both the weighing and temperature components are delivering accurate readings. Many location and environmental factors can affect these readings including relative humidity, lab temperature fluctuations, vibration and moving the units within your facility. The best way to deal with these environmental factors is to regularly calibrate your moisture analyzer.

Step 1

Should I Calibrate My Moisture Analyzer?

Step 2

I Know I Need to Adjust My Moisture Analyzer…

Step 3

How do I Maintain My Temperature Adjustment Kit?

1. Should I Calibrate My Moisture Analyzer?

Test with SmartCal (For models HE53, HE73, HS153 and HX204 only)

SmartCal™ is a moisture analyzer reference substance that verifies performance with a simple 10 minute test. Proper verification and documentation assists you to fulfill the demands of industry regulations and company audits.

2. I Know I Need to Adjust My Moisture Analyzer…

Test with a Temperature Adjustment Kit

Temperature adjustment kits enable you to test and adjust temperature in your moisture analyzer.

3. How Do I Maintain My Temperature Adjustment Kit?

Have Your Temperature Adjustment Kit Calibrated Regularly

Your Temperature Adjustment Kit needs calibration too! The manufacturer recommends the following calibration frequencies (See Table to Right)

Tap into METTLER TOLEDO's Global Calibration Network and send your temperature adjustment kit to one of our eleven ISO 17025 accredited mass laboratories.

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Click for 4 Easy Steps for HA-TC Kit Calibration

Get your HA-TC Kit Calibrated in 4 Easy Steps!

1. Call

Call 1-800-METTLER and to obtain a Service Order Number for Temperature Adjustment Kit Return.

2. Provide order details

Complete the HA-TC Kit Calibration Form.

3. If your weights have been exposed to hazardous materials

If your equipment has been exposed to hazardous materials, you MUST include a Statement of Decontamination. No exceptions.

4. Ship

Print and follow shipping instructions in the Moisture Analyzer Temperature Kit Calibration Request Form (above) to prepare your shipment. Don't Forget to include:

  • Most recent Calibration Certificate
  • Completed Request Form
  • Statement of Decontamination (if applicable)
  • Any supporting documentation


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