Hot stuff for cool heads - Thermal values and thermal analysis - METTLER TOLEDO

Hot stuff for cool heads - Thermal values and thermal analysis

First class sensor technology
Unrivalled resolution provides proof of even the smallest sample effects

Practical tips for professionals and beginners

METTLER TOLEDO provides practical examples along with valuable tips and tricks for thermal analysis.

Have a look at our Reference Section in the Academia World of Wonders flipping book.

Academia thermal analysis selection

Excellence melting point systems 

Simple and accurate determination of melting point and melting range thanks to One Click™ shortcut principle and video-recording.
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 Thermogravimetry – TGA/DSC1

TGA, with top-of-the-line METTLER TOLEDO ultra-microbalance ensures unbeatable accuracy.
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 Differential Scanning Calorimetry - DSC 1

Innovative sensor technology with unsurpassed sensitivity makes even the measurement of the weakest sample effects possible.
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Some thermal analysis history!
-  The French chemist Henry Louis Le Chatelier (1850-1936) performs the first modern thermo analytical (TA) measurement
1899 - William Chandler Roberts-Austen (1843-1902) is considered the inventor of  the Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA)
1915 – The Japanese metallurgist K. Honda published the first Thermo Gravimetrical Analysis (TGA) with constant weight measurement
1955 –S. L. Boersma invented today's heat flux Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
1964 – The first commercial TGA/DTA measurement system, the TA1, was introduced by METTLER TOLEDO

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