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White Paper

Improving Communication and Efficiency – Free PDF Download

White paper on how PackTags can significantly improve production line communication and efficiency

Improving Communication and Efficiency
Improving Communication and Efficiency

This white paper explores the ways in which technology and communications languages have evolved in order to address industry-wide challenges.

Of all the factors which can have an effect on the efficiency of a production process, communication is one of the most crucial. The modern-day production facility relies on various pieces of equipment working in concert to process, package and deliver a product as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In this white paper the importance of PackTags as a set of unified data naming structures is explained in depth. It also details how this standardization allows for the seamless transfer of information within a system between manufacturing and inspection equipment.

The white paper covers 6 main areas:

  1. The Creation of OMAC
  2. What is PackML?
  3. Implementing PackML
  4. What are PackTags?
  5. Accessing the Data
  6. More Data Means Stronger Documentation

Download this informative white paper to learn more

Streamlining data collection and distribution is what makes PackML so beneficial to manufacturers, particularly when it comes to product inspection equipment. The usefulness of product inspection equipment does not end with recall prevention and the ability to conduct analysis of production processes is one of the strongest arguments for their implementing. The use of a unified communications protocol allows for easy access and exporting of production data from all equipment on the production line much easier. PackML is the industry standard for manufacturers who wish to have their equipment communicate with one another. The ability to easily create custom tags that integrate into the existing PackML structure gives the flexibility required for Product Inspection equipment which may have additional runtime data which should be easily accessible. Working with an experienced equipment provider who works closely with OMAC ensures integration of inspection equipment into your production environment is a painless process.

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