6 Golden Rules to Boost Checkweigher Life Expectancy
White Paper

6 Golden Rules to Boost Checkweigher Life Expectancy

White Paper

Expert tips to increase the efficiency and service life of your checkweigher

6 Golden Rules to Boost Checkweigher Life Expectancy
6 Golden Rules to Boost Checkweigher Life Expectancy

This white paper explains 6 golden rules which help to extend the service life of dynamic checkweighers, maintain consistent quality, and maximize production line efficiency.

Dynamic checkweighers may suffer shorter lifespans or require additional maintenance and repair because employees don't heed service instructions or have overlooked warning indications. This white paper highlights how proper commissioning, employee expertise, responsible handling, and regular care and maintenance are vital to increase the lifespan of these precision instruments and ensure consistent output.

The white paper focuses on the following areas in detail:

  • Why is proper commissioning essential?
  • What should machine operator training include?
  • Why is conducting regular visual inspections so important?
  • What are the benefits of preventive maintenance?
  • How do defined site conditions ensure precise weighing?
  • What is the main cause of load cell damage through overload?

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Precision industrial weighing systems increase process quality and productivity. However, this is dependent on correct installation, integration, setup and performance testing with corresponding documentation. Moreover, personnel must be familiar with the proper procedure for operation and maintenance.

Timely production readiness, especially in the installation phase, requires care and product experience. Only a weighing system that's correctly installed, adjusted, connected, tested and calibrated according to the specific application requirements will be able to fulfill its tasks. Today, only qualified and authorized technicians are capable of installing a modern checkweigher. For the equipment supplier's experts, certification of technical knowledge shouldn't present a problem; for employees from one's own company, however, this isn't always so clear cut. An expert is needed, especially when it involves connection to data and control networks for seamless integration. Connection to peripheral devices and components to ensure that required functions are provided also requires skill and expertise

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