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White Paper

Avoid Serious Pitfalls When Applying Legal Metrology Rules

White Paper

It's important to determine your exact weighing and measuring needs before selecting a balance or scale for use in your process. If you must meet legal-for-trade requirements, it is easy to select an approved instrument. However, it is important not to sacrifice quality to meet other requirements.

Quality requirements, such as tolerance and weighing process measuring range, must be clear from the beginning. A risk analysis (e.g. the criticality of the weighing process) helps you determine what kind of routine testing is required and with which frequency.  

A free GWP® white paper explains:

  • The limitations of legal metrology requirements and their impact on accuracy,
  • The factors affecting measurement uncertainty,
  • How to determine process tolerances and minimum weight and
  • How you can fulfill legal-for-trade requirements as well as your own accuracy requirements
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