Particle Size Analysis for Process Optimization - METTLER TOLEDO
White Paper

Particle Size Analysis for Process Optimization

White Paper

Particle Characterization From Small Scale Lab Reactors to Full Scale Production Pipelines

This white paper introduces some of the most common particle size analysis approaches and how they can be deployed for the effective delivery of high quality particle products.  Specifically, scientists are now combining offline particle size analyzers with in-process particle characterization instruments to optimize and improve processes.  Examples are given where this combined approach enables scientists to:

  • Obtain detailed process understanding by directly measuring changes to particle size and count as process parameters vary
  • Determine operating conditions required to deliver fit-for-purpose particles on a consistent basis
  • Monitor and correct process deviations during continuous or batch production
  • Avoid time delays and errors associated with sampling, preparation and offline analysis

Common applications include crystallization, emulsification, suspensions, flocculation, dispersion, homogenization, wet milling, polymerization, microencapsulation, oil-water separation, disintegration and dissolution.

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