Major application segments of Refracto 30PX / 30GS - METTLER TOLEDO

Major application segments of Refracto 30PX / 30GS

Good-bye Abbé: easy-to-perform refractive index measurements
A refractive index determination is the simplest way to quickly determine the quality of a substance. Using Refracto, the determination is faster and less prone to errors than traditional methods (e.g. Abbé refractometer). Refracto can also store, print and transfer results to a PC.
Antifreeze: quick concentration determination
The measurement of the refractive index is the quickest and easiest method to check antifreeze concentration. Refracto will tell you within seconds whether the antifreeze contains the right amount of ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, ethanol or sodium chloride. It even allows you to directly read the freezing point of these fluids in °C or °F.
Food: reliable quality control
Wherever syrup concentrates, saline solutions or vinegar are produced: Refractometers are essential tools for quality control. The refractive index helps you make sure everything has gone right in the production process. With Refracto, you can perform your quality checks directly in the production facility.
Soft drinks: simple sugar content determination
The precise measurement of the temperature during measurement and the automatic temperature compensation using built-in ICUMSA tables ensure highly reliable Brix% results.
Grapes and fruit: direct display
With Refracto, you can not only display sugar content in Brix%, but also choose direct conversion into °Oechsle, T.A. 1990, °KMW, °Baume, HFCS42 and HFCS55, which are shown directly after the measurement.
Customized applications: your own calculations
With Refracto, any concentration measurement can be performed without manual calculation. Just define the corresponding formula and the instrument gives you the final result.
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