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Piece Counting Brochure: How to Achieve Exact Results

Find out what you need to count even the smallest metal, plastic or electronic parts—reliably and without errors.

Versatile scale-based piece-counting solutions can help you increase your accuracy and avoid costly errors. The brochure will help you learn:

  • Where piece-counting can be applied most effectively
  • What you need to consider to ensure piece-counting accuracy
  • How piece-counting solutions can help you avoid errors and speed up processes


Every Piece Counts for Your Profit

Counting scales are used in many industries including the manufacturing and distribution of automotive parts, electronics, plastic and metal components. Accurate and efficient material management is the basis for successful, profitable production.

METTLER TOLEDO  counting scales can be easily incorporated into inventory management systems to increase process reliability and productivity. The brochure discusses considerations when implementing the simple concept of piece counting with a scale. While the concept is simple, counting accurately and efficiently can be a challenge. Errors occur when various factors influence the counting process, such as piece weight variation. Proper sampling and high-precision reference scales deliver accurate piece-counting quantities from the start.

Piece Counting Brochure: How to Achieve Exact Results
Piece Counting Brochure: How to Achieve Exact Results

Accurate average piece weight determination is dependent on the appropriate counting resolution of the counting scales. To achieve a high counting resolution, the quality of the weighing electronics in terms of repeatability needs to be superior. The brochure discusses various METTLER TOLEDO counting-scale solutions that feature proven counting resolutions of up to 1,200,000d.

Speed also counts in today’s competitive environment. Manufacturers must not only deliver error-free, high-quality products, but also need to produce on time.

The brochure describes how you can benefit from a complete counting-scale portfolio with intuitive user menus facilitating your daily counting jobs. High-precision weighing technology delivers consistent results. 

Piece Counting Brochure: How to Achieve Exact Results
Piece Counting Brochure: How to Achieve Exact Results

Regardless of the size or number of incoming items, counting scales verify quantities received and provide accurate results in less time. Barcode scanners can recall article information for immediate counting and transactions are stored in the scale-embedded database for statistical analysis.

Smart weighing and counting solutions keep track of stock movements, ensure flawless goods storage and help you avoid out-of-stock situations. Mobile counting scales also facilitate and speed up commissioning.

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