The Accuracy Difference: POWERCELL® PDX® Webinar ¦ METTLER TOLEDO
On Demand Webinar

The Accuracy Difference: POWERCELL® PDX®

On Demand Webinar

Learn about weighing errors which can add up to substantial deviations on truck scales and how the advanced technology behind the POWERCELL® load cells helps to improve weighing results.

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You wouldn't purchase a truck scale without an expectation that it will provide an accurate weight. However, many scales are not nearly as accurate as their owners assume. Through seemingly inconsequential weighing errors, a conventional scale can give away entire truckloads of goods in the span of a few months.

METTLER TOLEDO created POWERCELL® weighing systems with the goal of providing the highest accuracy in truck and rail scales. Learn what makes POWERCELL load cells so unique.

This webinar provides exceptional detail into the accuracy compromises that plague conventional truck scales, and how POWERCELL technology is different. The business benefits of better accuracy may surprise you.

23 Minutes
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