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On Demand Webinar

Effective Metal Detector Testing for Conveyorised Solutions

On Demand Webinar
METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide range of products and services designed to support food manufacturers in ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, realising production goals, and enhancing operating profits.

Effective Metal Detector Testing for Conveyorised SolutionsMany users of metal detection systems do not fully understand how to verify the performance of their equipment. If the system is not correctly tested at regular intervals, manufacturers run the risk of failing to comply with standards which could pose a serious threat to their business.

This webinar is devoted to explaining effective test methods for conveyorised metal detection systems to enable users to comply with food safety standards and the codes of practice of major retailers.

During the webinar, attendees will gain an understanding of: -

  • The key elements required for an effective metal detection system
  • The effective use of failsafe systems for greater security and protection
  • How to conduct test procedures to maintain the integrity of your metal detection solution
  • What to do in the event of a failed test to avoid a product recall


Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to learn more about effective Metal Detection.

  • Those responsible for conducting quality procedures and meeting compliance with food safety standards
  • Project managers making decisions on new equipment requirements and new product lines
  • Product and production managers at all levels
  • All maintenance and technical personnel


Invest some time to learn how to get the most out of your Metal Detector!

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