Brix, Density and Refractive Index in Food and Beverage
On Demand Webinar

Brix, Density and Refractive Index in Food and Beverage

On Demand Webinar

Good Measuring Practice for Improved Results Quality

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Part 1: pH Measurements for Food and Beverage Samples

Part 3: Thermal Analysis of Food

Are you producing food and beverages such as honey, condiments or juices? No matter your product, ensuring regulatory compliance and consistent quality are critical aims of every food and beverage company.

Three essential analyses are required in most quality control procedures: brix, density and refractive index measurements. These techniques apply to different products, but may require very diverse sample preparation as well as specific measurement precautions.

Watch this webinar, including a demo directly from our company's headquarters, and learn more about:

  • How to guarantee reproducible results for all your products/samples
  • What to take into account before, during and after measurements
  • How to properly handle:
    - Pasty/viscous samples
    - Non-Homogeneous samples
    - Carbonated beverages
  • How often the instrument should be calibrated
  • How to properly clean the measuring cell and which solvents should be used

Do not miss the chance to learn the good measuring practice for brix, density and refractive index in the food and beverage industry for a wide range of applications. There will finally be an opportunity for questions and answers

Brian Hultgren
24 Minutes