User Safety in Laboratory

User Safety in Laboratory Workflow

e-Learning: Safe Weighing Under Harsh Conditions

Working in a laboratory, especially with toxic substances, requires some general precautions. All users should be properly trained and abide by rules to provide a safe working environment for everybody.

Weighing is one of the most common and critical operations in the laboratory, but because of its simplicity, very often overlooked.  During weighing substances can have direct contact with the user, be affected by various external factors or exposed to contamination.

This free eLearning course takes 50 minutes and helps you structure and enrich your knowledge about:

  • Different types of safety enclosures
  • Handling toxic substances
  • Safe and error-free weighing
  • Types of risk
  • Types of protection



Make Your Weighing Safe and Error-free

Lab safety rules

As the use of a balance is the first step for most analytical processes in the lab, there is an urgent need for some form of protection for the user, the sample, and the environment. Do you know what are the most common sources of errors when weighing powders or what are the most common health risks when handling toxic substances? Going through our eLearning will help you to track down all possible mistakes made while weighing.



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