Food Regulatory Guide

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Food Regulatory Guide


Food safety crises are continuing to increase public scrutiny of food producers; consequently consumers are demanding higher quality and safer food. Working with a well designed quality data management system, the right weighing technology and an appropriate product inspection program deliver higher food safety and process quality.

Food Regulatory Guide
Food Regulatory Guide



Watch the Video about How to increase productivity and be compliant with METTLER TOLEDO's food guides. The video is available in English only.

This food regulatory guide starts with an overview on existing international food safety and quality schemes such as BRC, IFS, SQF and FSSC 22000 and helps to make informed and compliant decisions, when improving processes or selecting the right weighing equipment and inspection systems in the area of:

  • Tracking and tracing, formulation, batching
  • Legal packaging requirements (net content control, labeling, etc.)
  • Foreign body detection
  • Hygienically designed equipment
  • Calibration/control of measuring, monitoring and inspection systems

This guide with his 16 chapters will assist those with responsibility for safety and process assurance in meeting their goals of quality and profitability.


Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Food Safety & Quality – The Trend Towards Certification 06
  2. Chapter 2 Traceability for Standard Compliance and Process Improvement 14
  3. Chapter 3 Improved Production Yield Through Process Oriented Recipe Management 20
  4. Chapter 4 Food Safety – Fresh Products in Grocery Retail 26
  5. Chapter 5 Package Quality Control – Net Content Control 34
  6. Chapter 6 In-line Checkweighing – Aspects of a Key Technology 40
  7. Chapter 7 Vision Inspection – Driving Quality and Process Security 46
  8. Chapter 8 Foreign Body Detection – Metal 52
  9. Chapter 9 Foreign Body Detection – X-ray Inspection 58
  10. Chapter 10 Hygienic Designed Food Scales – Less Contamination, Enhanced Profits 64
  11. Chapter 11 7 Considerations for Cleaning Production Equipment 70
  12. Chapter 12 Efficient Quality Management in a Regulated Environment 76
  13. Chapter 13 Meeting Legal Metrology Standards 84
  14. Chapter 14 Reaching Specified Food Attributes with Compliant Analytical Instruments 92
  15. Chapter 15 Moisture Analyzer Routine Performance Testing 98
  16. Chapter 16 Intrinsically Safe Solutions – Accurate Weighing in Hazardous Areas 104

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Learn more about 16 areas where weighing and foreign body control helps to fulfill global food safety and quality standards.