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Transform Productivity


References and resources describing innovative approaches to maximizing personal productivity

The pressure is on to accelerate new product introductions. In order to do this, scientists multi-task across project teams and deliver on demanding objectives. In this environment, the personal productivity of every scientist counts. When people are empowered to do their most productive work they can use resources more wisely and still achieve outstanding results. The references and resources below describe how innovative companies are identifying and addressing key bottlenecks in scientists' workflows.

Organizational Productivity Challenges

  • Organizations typically operate with intensity during the day but slow or shut down during the night
  • Experiments are scheduled inefficiently because the scientist must be present to take a sample or change a process variable
  • Unreliable results are obtained from non-standard experimental methods
  • Scientists must be present to record information and any data that is collected to be transcribed manually to a notebook
  • Scientists waste time preparing data from multiple sources for analyzing and reporting
  • Valuable data is routinely lost and scientists cannot leverage institutional knowledge to minimize the hands-on work needed to complete projects