Lab to Plant Resources

Deliver From Lab to Plant


References and resources to help scientists deliver high quality material on-demand.

High value chemicals must meet rigorous standards for quality and effectiveness and they must be delivered reliably - where and when they are needed. This must be accomplished while making every effort to responsibly lower costs. Scientists must design processes that create highly manufacturable products while reducing the complexity and cost of each step. The references and resources below describe how scientists from R&D to manufacturing work together to reach this goal. 

Lab to Plant Challenges

  • It can be difficult to obtain enough process understanding during a short development cycle to reliably predict performance at larger scales
  • Trials at pilot production scale are expensive and the root cause of a failure can be difficult to pinpoint should it occur
  • An upset in one part of the supply chain can interrupt supply downstream unless processes are designed to behave in a robust manner
  • The information needed to transfer processes effectively does not flow easily across groups, sites, and external partners
  • Relying on external partners to supply material can be problematic
  • Particles pose a specific supply challenge because they react unpredictably to changes in scale and processing environment