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How to Achieve Desired CO₂ Purity

How to Achieve Desired CO₂ Purity
How to Achieve Desired CO₂ Purity

Using recovered CO₂ has become a common process in most breweries. Monitoring the gas is essential if CO₂ of defined purity is to be used in different applications. An intelligent measurement solution from METTLER TOLEDO is providing a major UK brewery with final product quality assurance.

The recovery of carbon dioxide from the offgas of fermentation vessels is an important process in large scale beer manufacture as it has many cost and efficiency benefits. If the carbon dioxide produced is of sufficient purity it can be utilized in other areas of the plant, such as in post carbonation and as inert gas in filling lines. If the CO₂ is less pure it can contribute to neutralization of caustic in the waste treatment plant. Therefore, measurement of carbon dioxide purity is an important procedure.

METTLER TOLEDO oxygen sensors for low oxygen levels are highly effective in this application. By measuring the O₂ concentration levels in the vessel or pipe, it is possible to extrapolate the concentration of carbon dioxide present. It is this technique that is used by a major UK brewery in their carbon dioxide recovery processes.

Strict limit in O₂ level

The brewery wanted to monitor the CO₂ quality in the maturation vessel ventilation lines and bright beer tanks. The target was for CO₂ with an oxygen level of no more than 0.1 vol % oxygen to be used at the filling line. If this value was exceeded, the gas would be automatically diverted to the effluent treatment plant.

Dependable oxygen monitoring system

As low level oxygen detection was required with a fast response to guarantee accurate monitoring, METTLER TOLEDO's InPro 6950i G oxygen sensor was selected. With its measurement accuracy down to 0.0005 vol %, immunity to interference from moisture, and robust construction, the InPro 6950i G is ideally suited to in-line monitoring of oxygen content in CO₂.

Sensor maintenance is straightforward requiring minimal specialist knowledge. In addition, replaceable inner bodies for the sensor prevent the need for complete sensor replacement and increases the usable lifetime of each sensor.

An intelligent solution

The InPro 6950i G is a member of METTLER TOLEDO's expanding range of Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) probes. ISM offers breweries a number of valuable benefits:

Predictive diagnostics: Tools such as the Dynamic Lifetime Indicator predict when sensor maintenance or replacement will be required.

Plug and Measure: ISM sensors can be pre-calibrated and stored until required. Upon connection to a transmitter, the transmitter configures itself automatically and the system is ready to measure in an instant.

Digital signal: ISM sensors convert the measuring signal from analog to digital then send this to the transmitter. Digital signals are unaffected by electrical interference or degradation caused by long cable runs; therefore, the signal that leaves the sensor arrives at the transmitter unchanged.

Ensured product quality

Technicians at our customer's brewery report that the METTLER TOLEDO solution is operating extremely well. They have greater confidence in the purity of the recovered CO₂ that is being used at the filling lines, helping to ensure final product quality. In addition, the predictive diagnostics of ISM have resulted in less maintenance.

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