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Application Note: Reliable and Cost Efficient Monitoring

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The oxygen gas measurement system from METTLER TOLEDO is an effective tool in explosion prevention procedures as employed by WACKER at its production site in Burghausen, Germany. This inline measurement substantially reduces maintenance costs and offers real-time monitoring of process off-gases.
Wacker Chemie AG, Burghausen, Germany
Burghausen lies in the district of Upper Bavaria, 110 km east of Munich, close to the border with Austria. The town is characterized by the longest reach of castle compounds in Europe, its medieval quarter, and above all by the WACKER chemical plant site. The works established there in 1914 are today the most important production facilities of the WACKER Group as a whole, and the largest chemical complex in Bavaria.
At this over two square kilometer site, some one thousand different products are produced by roughly 10,000 employees divided among 150 different production plants. The spectrum of products ranges from polysilicon and hyperpure silicon wafers over silicones, silanes and silicic acids through to dispersions, redispersible powders, solid resins, paint resins, fine chemicals and biotechnological products.
Business Division SILICONES
WACKER SILICONES ranks among the largest silane and silicon producers in the world. Highly differentiated properties make silicone ideal for a large number of applications. In the sector “Functional Silicones and Oils”, under the ...
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