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Respect Basics in Weighing

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This seminar can be tailored to your requirements and you have the opportunity to ask questions and invite anyone who might benefit from this short seminar.

Whilst today's technologically advanced balances have many smart features to enable laboratory professionals to perform weighing tasks more easily and faster than ever before, weighing results are still prone to inaccuracies. In many cases, it can be difficult to ascertain why your results are not quite as expected.

In METTLER TOLEDO's free seminar, Respect the Basics in Weighing, you will learn the fundamental rules of weighing in order to minimize weighing errors and hence maximize your success. You will find out how to prevent environmental influences like electrostatics, how to improve ergonomics, and how to simplify cleaning. In addition, the seminar covers the most important theoretical and practical aspects of weighing, such as:

  • Metrology essentials: measurement uncertainty, minimum weight and the safe weighing range
  • Routine testing: step-by-step procedures to ensure weighing accuracy
  • Factors affecting accuracy: how to detect, reduce and/or eliminate them
  • Good Weighing Practice™: selection, installation and daily operation of your weighing equipment

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