Hydranal 40th Anniversary Seminar Tour - METTLER TOLEDO
Seminar Training

Hydranal 40th Anniversary Seminar Tour

Seminar Training

Join METTLER TOLEDO and Honeywell Across the U.S. from May to October!

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the first ever Hydranal bottle produced.

To commemorate the special occasion, Honeywell, together with its partners, is hosting a seminar tour in celebration of Karl Fischer Titration that will span 40 cities across the world.

During these exceptional events we will be showcasing the evolution of the technique, the latest innovations and of course, helping our customers perfect their analysis.

Through this unique technical training we aim to provide you with an industry platform to recent developments that will help provide guidance and further popularize this critical analytical technique.

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Hydranal 40th Anniversary: Karl Fisher Titration Seminar Tour
May 2019 - October 2019
Various Locations Across the U.S.
May 7: Baton Rouge, LA
May 9: Houston, TX
May 14: Chicago, IL
May 16: Indianapolis, IN

August 27: Morris Plains, NJ
August 29: Philadelphia, PA

October 8: Raleigh Durham, NC
October 10: Cincinnati, OH
October 15: Los Angeles, CA
October 17: San Francisco, CA
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