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Seminar Training

Process Development & Scale-up - Houston, TX

Seminar Training

Seminar on Process Development & Scale-up in Chemical & Petrochemical Industries

Process Development and Scale-up in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries - Houston, Texas
Process Development and Scale-up in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries - Houston, Texas

Development of a chemical process requires informed decisions to optimize the process in the lab and ensure it is repeatable on scale-up. To facilitate this, researchers apply methodologies to gain a deeper, more fundamental process understanding. 

A free seminar on June 6, 2018 will examine the impact of applying process analytical techniques to improve product quality such as yield, purity, consistency; and improve process efficiency including speed, safety, cycle time, and throughput. The event features presentations and case studies from experts, including:

  • The Use of In Situ Infrared as an Enabling Technology in Innovation for Chemical Process Development
    Paul R. Weider, Ph.D. - Senior Principal Science Expert, Shell International Exploration & Production
  • Application of Isothermal Calorimetry for Inherently Safer Reactor Design
    Sam Mannan, Ph.D. - Director, Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center, Texas A&M University

  • Identification of Complex Reaction Pathways in Aldol Condensations by Combination of Multiple Analytical Methods
    Friederike Jentoft, Ph.D. – Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

  • Platforms Used in Reviewing Actual Industrial Incidents and Resulting Preventative Measures that Apply from Lab to Plant Scale
    Allen Beard, Ph.D. - R&T Advisor, Albemarle Corporation 
  • Controlling Drilling Mud Particle Size in Real-Time to Avoid Mud Degradation During Well Drilling
    Guillermo Smart - Technical Applications Consultant, METTLER TOLEDO

Register now to learn from experts and network with industry peers.

Polymerization and Process Optimization of Petroleum Resins
Process Development & Scale-up
June 6, 2018
Hotel Zaza 5701 Main Street Houston, Texas 77005

Event begins with registration at 8am.  Talks are from 9am to 5pm.

Who Should Attend?

  • Chemists and Engineers interested in process chemistry, scale-up, and solid-liquid separations

Past attendees have been chemists and chemical engineers from companies and academic institutions such as Akzo Nobel, Albemarle, Baker Hughes, Dow Chemical, Huntsman, Sasol, Shell, Texas A&M University.

There is no fee to attend but registration is required.

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