Rainin MicroPro Webinar | Compact 96/384 Channel Benchtop Pipettors

Rainin MicroPro Webinar

Every researcher can benefit from an assistant. Especially if it means speeding through a wide range of workflows while also improving experimental reproducibility by greatly reducing the risk of well-to-well and plate-to-plate variability.

Introducing Rainin MicroPro. The smallest and lightest 96-channel semi-automated liquid handler on the market – the only truly portable system you can easily move around your lab. Join our webinar to learn how the Rainin MicroPro 96-channel electronic semi-automated benchtop pipette can fit into your workflows and improve your lab's experimental results.


  • MicroPro Overview
  • How to simplify your workflows
  • Reproducibility and Accuracy
  • Custom Protocols