March 6th | Meeting Retailer Requirements with X-ray | Live Webinar

Live Webinar: Meeting Retailer Requirements with X-ray Inspection

How x-ray inspection technology can support compliance with a wide range of retailer requirements

Program Overview

  • How x-ray inspection can improve detection capabilities for manufacturers
  • How integrity checks can protect against costly product recalls and complaints
  • Why are retailer requirements important?
  • How x-ray systems can help with meeting retailer requirements
  • How to prove HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) processes

Meeting Retailer Requirements with X-ray Inspection
Retailers require food manufacturers to meet specific safety standards before their products hit the shelves. Meeting these requirements is vitally important for food manufacturers, particularly when it comes to protecting customer safety and brand reputation.

Join our live webinar to learn how x-ray inspection can help make compliance with retailer requirements easier with the use of advanced contamination detection beyond just metal - and additional features such as completeness checks, performance verification routines, full traceability and much more!

This webinar also provides valuable information about our comprehensive service solutions. Keep your system running and minimize unplanned downtime with our global service network and comprehensive maintenance plans.

Target audience

Food Safety Managers, Production or Manufacturing Managers, IT Specialists, Global Food Retailers, Quality Control specialists, Food Safety Specialists, Production & Packaging, Operation Managers, CEOs, Change Management Agents, Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Assurance Operators.


Image of Adam Green

Adam Green

XR ePlatform Owner & Market Manager

Over the past 8 years, Adam has worked within various commercial and technical roles at METTLER TOLEDO. During that time, he facilitated the development of an online demonstration platform to provide technical support to customers due to the global change of working behaviors. He has worked with local markets to help the development of the sales teams that promote x-ray technology and its benefits to customers.