UV Vis and Japanese Pharmacopeia

UV Vis JP18 Compliance


Live Webinar: Qualify UV Vis Spectrometers According to JP18

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This webinar provides an overview of the important impact JP18 and its supplements have on UV Vis spectroscopy. Learn practical tips and hints for effective operational qualification (OQ) to ensure compliance when using a UV/VIS Excellence Spectrophotometer UV7 by METTLER TOLEDO. When compared to the Ph. Eur. and USP, JP accuracy and precision limits are more rigid. This requires adequate and reliable optical spectrophotometer specifications as well as appropriate execution of the respective qualification workflows. Only certified solid neutral density filters, called JCRM, are allowed to be used for the qualification of these optical parameters. Tips and hints for ensuring appropriate execution of the respective measurement workflows will be provided using the UV7 spectrophotometer as an example.

Hans-Joachim Muhr; Head of SPG UV/VIS
30 minutes
Thu Feb 03 2022 08:00 +0000 [ English ]
Thu Feb 03 2022 15:00 +0000 [ English ]

In this webinar you will learn:

  • General insight into JP18 qualification requirements for UV Vis spectrophotometers
  • Details about wavelength accuracy, photometric accuracy qualification according to JP18
  • Practical tips and hints for correct qualification workflow execution with a UV7 spectrophotometer
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