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Good Karl Fischer Titration Practice

Optimize Your Karl Fischer Titration Measurements

Since its introduction, Karl Fischer titrators, sampling apparatus and chemistry are ever evolving. Learn the basic chemistry, side reactions (and how to avoid them), and science of Karl Fischer titration as well as recent product innovations to aid your analysis. Optimization and good troubleshooting practices will also be explained.

METTLER TOLEDO has an extensive history of manufacturing, selling, and supporting Karl Fischer titrators for over 30 years in every industry in every corner of the world.

This in depth webinar details:  

  • Karl Fischer chemistry
  • Reagents and when to use them
  • Sampling accessories and techniques
  • Karl Fischer titrators and options
  • Karl Fischer titrator methodology and settings
  • Proper maintenance and troubleshooting

Lean on years of experience summarized to increase your understanding of the most common automated titrations across the world.

Good Karl Fischer Titration Practice
Good Karl Fischer Titration Practice

About the Presenter: Matt Eby

Matt has worked for METTLER TOLEDO for 18 years in a variety of roles: Technical Support, Technical Support Manager, Sales Representative, Global Product Manager, Global Key Account Manager and is currently a Technology & Applications Consultant. Matt is a technical expert regarding titrations, density, refractometry, melting and dropping point.