Conducting Conductivity Measurements: A USP Symphony - METTLER TOLEDO

Conducting Conductivity Measurements: A USP Symphony


Join us June 1 for this Live Webinar!

Conducting Conductivity Measurements Webinar
Conducting Conductivity Measurements Webinar

This session is organized to help educate users of all skill levels on important considerations required to make accurate conductivity measurements & the process for qualifying a conductivity meter. The training will focus on practical aspects of conductivity measurements including conductivity theory, calibration and verification requirements, and USP regulations regarding:

  • Standard selection
  • Verification evaluation
  • When to Calibrate
  • 21 CFR P11 Compliance

Who Should Attend:

  • Laboratory Technicians, R&D Scientists, Lab Managers, and metrologists who want to follow best practices for conductivity calibration and regulation.
Alexandra Hellberg & Michelle Wittmer
1 hour
Tue Jun 01 2021 18:00 +0000 [ English ]

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