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R&D in the Chemical Industry


Design Safe, Robust Processes for Scale-up

This free online event is for process chemists and engineers who are interested in learning more about the design of safe, robust processes for scale-up. Presenters will share practical examples and case studies that demonstrate benefits including:

  • Improved usability and safety
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Delivery of more information per experiment


  • Insights into Reaction Pathways of Taurine Synthesis from Ethanolamine 
    Veronica Milligan - ADM Process Chemistry

  • In Situ IR Study on Polyurethane Reactions
    William Wang, Ph.D. - Lubrizol Advanced Materials
Stanislav Kasakov – METTLER TOLEDO
2 hour(s)
Wed Jan 26 2022 16:00 +0000 [ English ]

Who should sttend?

  • Process chemists
  • Chemical engineers
  • Organic chemists
  • Polymer scientists 
  • Separation scientists

Topics include:

  • Understanding of critical reaction mechanisms 
  • Development of strategies to optimize crystal size distribution during process development and manufacturing
  • Monitoring of chemical reactions during polymer synthesis and separations

There is no cost to attend but registration is required, and space is limited.

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