Ensuring the Safe and Robust Scale-up of Chemical Processes
Live Webinar

Ensuring the Safe and Robust Scale-up of Chemical Processes

Live Webinar

Featuring presenters from DEKRA Organisational & Process Safety, Nalas Engineering, and MONZA by REDOX Srl, this free online event on May 20 is for chemists and engineers who are interested in learning more about safe and robust chemical scale-up. Each presenter will share practical examples and case studies on safe and effective process development.

Reaction Calorimetry for Process Safety
Reaction Calorimetry for Process Safety

Presentations include:
  • Challenges in Process Safety Assurance of a Hazardous Epoxidation
    Dr Stephen Rowe - DEKRA Organisational & Process Safety

  • Impact of Process Intensification on Process Safety
    Jerry Salan - Nalas Engineering Services, Inc.

  • Crystallization Process To Ensure Product Quality
    Marino Nebuloni - MONZA by REDOX Srl
2 Hours
Wed May 20 2020 15:00 +0200 [ English ]
Thu May 21 2020 02:00 +0200 [ English ]

Who Should Attend?

Chemists and Chemical Engineers who need to:

  • Assess Scalability with considerations for safety and robustness which may influence route selection
  • Understand Reaction Mechanisms such as critical reaction parameters, kinetics, reaction intermediates, or limits of heat exchange
  • Increase Efficiency with techniques that provide more comprehensive data collection without the wait for offline results


There is no cost to attend but registration is required and space is limited.

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